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Paper bags could be totally divided into many types based on the different sorts of paper

June 30, 2014-China-As the deeply penetration of the concept of environmentally protection, the newly paper kraft paper bags will gradually replace the traditional plastic bags. Generally speaking, the paper bags could be totally divided into many types as the different texture of the paper. The commonly paper bags types are white cardboard, copperplate paper bags, Kraft paper bag and others. Today, the famous the famous paper bag supplier will introduce with their clients each type of this product one by one.

White cardboard paper bag
The white cardboard has very strong strength and very high stiffness, bursting strength and smoothness. The surface of the whiteboard paper is very flat. The common used whiteboard¡¯s thickness is 210 to 300. The gift bags which has been printed out by white cardboard paper has very fullness color and the paper texture is also very good. This kind of paper bag should be the first choice for each client¡¯s custom.
Copperplate paper bag
The feature of the copperplate could be the smooth and clean surface, high whiteness, high smoothly and high gloss. On the other hand, this sort of paper could also make printed graphics and screen contain the three-dimensional sense. The printing effect of the copper paper should be the same with the white cardboard paper but the performance of stiffness of the copperplate paper is not better than that of the white cardboard paper. This point could be easily found from paper bag of both of these two sorts of paper bags.
White Kraft paper bag
The white Kraft paper has very high resistance for bursting, good toughness, high strength and stable ability of evenness, color and thickness. In accordance with relevant state regulations restrict as well as government¡¯s promotion for environmentally friendly paper bag and strictly controlling for the plastic pollution, the traditional plastic bags will be totally replaced by paper bags. The market prospects of white Kraft are very good. This sort of paper is made of the 100% pure wood pulp which has good performance for environmental protection, non-toxic, better recycling ( All of these advantages determine that the white Kraft paper could be widely used in the production of environmentally friendly garment bag and upscale shopping bags.
Kraft paper bag
The Kraft paper which is also known as brown Kraft has very high tension and high toughness. The color of this sort of paper is usually brownish yellow and this paper has very high tearing strength, anti-burst and dynamic strength, which could be widely used in producing the shopping bags, envelopes and so on. Kraft could be generally suitable for printing monochrome or color and the manuscript which color is not complicated. Compared to the white cardboard and white paper box coated paper, the price of the Kraft paper should be the lowest.
Duplex bottom white board paper bag
One side of the white paper is smooth and white and the back side back is the duplex color. The mostly commonly used thickness for this sort of paper should be 250 to 350 grams. Compared to the price of the whiteboard paper, the price of the Duplex bottom white board paper is relatively cheap.
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